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Bailemos Studio Policy 


Good attendance is necessary to ensure maximum progress in class. Depending upon the situation, if a child is injured and cannot participate in class, please come and watch if possible. 

There are no tuition refunds made after the second class. Tuition is non-refundable for any class absence. Other refund policy: 80% refund when withdrawal in the first week. 50% refund when withdrawal in the third week. No refund.  If the fee is waived, $50 per child will be charged for withdrawal.


Your commitment at time of registration is for September through our June recital. We make a commitment to our teachers based on enrollment. Your child is expected to attend all classes, and we do not credit or refund tuition for any classes after the 2nd class.

Attendance & Timing

 Attendance is crucial to the learning process. If a student is going to be absent, please email so ​we can prepare the instructor ahead of time. If a student misses class and feels he/she/they would like to spend extra time with one of the instructors, that can be arranged through our staff directly. Please email us with times that your child is available at $85/ hour. This will be added to your account, and your statement will be emailed to you.

Snow Day

We add 2 extra classes into the year to cover any snow days or cancellations. If there are more than 2 cancellations; classes will be made up during vacation weeks in February and April. If your child cannot attend the make-up classes there will be no refunds.

Dress Code

Our dress code is enforced at Bailemos, so that each dancer can move in the appropriate manner for each dance genre. If a student comes to class with improper attire, a teacher reserves the right to decide if the child may participate. No jeans are allowed. No street sneakers allowed in any dance studio at any time.

​All Dancers must have their hair pulled away from their face and neck at all times. No heavy jewelry is to be worn while dancing. Required dance shoes are expected at each class (shoe requirements vary by class so visit individual class pages.).

Private Lesson 

1. Lesson Booking and Cancellation:

1.Students are required to provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice to the studio for canceling or rescheduling a booked private lesson. Cancellations or rescheduling must be completed at least 48 hours in advance.

1.2. For private lessons canceled or rescheduled without a minimum of 48 hours' notice, the tuition fee will be deducted.

2. Emergency Situations and Health Issues:

2.1. In cases of emergency situations or health issues, students may provide relevant documentation to the studio and request the cancellation or rescheduling of a private lesson. The studio will handle such cases on a case-by-case basis.

3. Make-Up Lessons and Refunds:

3.1. If a student needs to cancel a private lesson, the studio will provide one of the following options:

  • Schedule a make-up lesson to replace the canceled private lesson.

4. Notification and Contact

4.1. Students should notify the studio of cancellations or rescheduling of private lessons in advance using the contact method specified by the studio.

5. Policy Revisions:

5.1. The studio reserves the right to review and modify the private lesson policy as needed based on operational requirements and experience.

Basic Rules

1. All students are expected to arrive on time to class.

2. All students are expected to attend class each week. (If you miss 3 classes within 2 months, you will be required to take a private make-up lesson, and if this is not done, you may not be able to perform in the recital.)

3. All students are to be dressed appropriately for class. See Dress Code information.

4. No cell phones allowed in studios.

5. Please inform the teacher if a child must be picked up early. This must be arranged prior to the class beginning. Please send your child with a note.

6. If a student’s ride is going to be late, please be sure to email to let us know.

7. Siblings and families wishing to wait in the waiting area must remain silent. Please refrain from bringing food. Your help in keeping our studios clean is appreciated. Please do not enter the studios during class.

8. All students are expected to respect their teachers and other dancers at all times. The Dance Academy reserves the right to suspend or expel a dancer for rude or inappropriate behavior towards any staff or other students.

9. All students are expected to try their best and work as hard as they can while in the studio. Personal integrity and hard work are what makes dance fun and challenging for everyone.

10. Students must wait in designated waiting areas for a parent or guardian. For safety reasons, students must not leave without a parent/guardian.

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