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Bailemos Dance Studio:
A Remarkable Journey of Achievements
in 2023-2024

Bailemos Dance Studio showcased remarkable accomplishments in 2023-2024, presenting a spectacular journey on stage. Through their outstanding talent and unwavering dedication, Bailemos Dance Studio stood out in competitions, performances, and events, earning widespread acclaim. Their students displayed exceptional skills, graceful poise, and incredible stage presence, becoming the stars of the show. The success of Bailemos Dance Studio not only highlights their team's strength and talent but also paves the way for future growth, raising anticipation for more captivating dance presentations.



  1. Nov 16 - 20       Ohio Star Ball Championships        Columbus, OH

  2. Jan 21               Boston DanceSport Cup,                Newton, MA

  3. Feb 16 – 19       Eastern U.S. Champ                       Boston, MA

  4. Feb 23 - 26        NYC Dance Festival                        New York,NY

  5. Mar 8 – 11         NDCA US National                          Provo, UT

  6. April 22              Patriot Dance Festival                     Newton, MA

  7. May 26 - 28       Dancing A la Carte                         Springfield, MA

  8. Jun 15 - 18        Yankee Classic                                Boston, MA

  9. Jun 28 –Jul 4     Manhattan Dancesport                   Brooklyn, NY

  10. Jul 27 - 30         DBDC                                              Boston, MA

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