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Tuition & Policies

The More You Dance, The More You Save! Dance classes are discounted so that as your child dances more, dance classes cost less. For optimum technique, we encourage our dancers to practice diverse elements in dances at least 2 hours per week once they are 6+ years old, and at least 4 hours per week once they are 8+ years old.


***Special discounts and Price Policies: 

1.  We offer new students  30 min Free Trial Class

2. Registration fee, $10 for current/returning students, $20 for new students. 

3.If student enroll in two dance styles classes, student can get 20% off for the second type of classes

4.We offer special discounts for siblings : 20% off  per sibling per family

5.Referal Bonus:  If you bring a friend to sign up ,  both will get 30 credit or gift cards. 


2-5 Years Old Courses

Recommended Courses: Parent-Child Dance, Pre Ballet, Pre Latin Dance

Grade Schooler & Teen:
6-15 Years Old Courses

Recommended Courses:​  Beg-Latin Dance; Beg- Ballet Flexibility ;Formation Team

Formation Team
* Formation team requires you to do at least 2 hours of regular classes and 1 hour of intensive class as this adds up to 3 hours of training every week. This also requires the participants to have a stable foundation of dance basics of either Latin/Ballet or both before joining

4-7 Person Customized Mini Group Classes

Mini group Classes will do 1hr 50 mins Class per week

Mini Group Class advantages: 

   -Small class size: Limited to 4-7 students to ensure individual attention and personalized feedback from the instructor.

   -Tailored instruction: The instructor will cater to the specific needs and goals of each student, offering personalized guidance and support.

  -Individualized feedback: Students will receive regular feedback on their technique, progress, and areas for improvement.


  Note: The Mini Group class aims to provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for students to learn and grow alongside their friends. The curriculum will be adapted to suit the skill levels and needs of the students in the class, ensuring that each student receives the attention and guidance necessary for their progress.

Competitive Dance Classes

Competitive Dance Classes will do 1hr 50 mins Class per week

   *The Competitive Class is designed for students who are interested in pursuing dance competitions and taking their skills to he next level. In addition to regular classes, this course includes additional training and participation requirements to enhance students' competitive experience. 

  *Prerequisite: Completion of Beginner Level or Private Lesson  & pass our dance skill placement test


Course Requirements:

1.Weekly Classes: Students must attend a minimum of two classes per week to strengthen their technique and performance skills.


2.Training Camp: Throughout the academic year, students are required to participate in at least one training camp (Spring, Summer, or Winter Camp). These intensive programs provide focused training, choreography workshops, and performance preparation.


3.Master Lectures: Students are expected to attend at least one master lecture conducted by renowned dance professionals. These lectures offer valuable insights, guidance, and inspiration to enhance students' dance abilities.


4.Competitions: Students must participate in a minimum of two dance competitions during the academic year. Competitions provide opportunities for students to showcase their skills, gain performance experience, and receive valuable feedback from judges.


Please note that the specific details regarding the training camp, master lectures, and competitions will be communicated to students separately throughout the year.


If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding the course requirements, please feel free to reach out. We value your input and look forward to discussing the competition fees together.

Private Lessons

* 1 by 1 or one family sibling or Partnership

1. Lesson Booking and Cancellation:

1.Students are required to provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice to the studio for canceling or rescheduling a booked private lesson. Cancellations or rescheduling must be completed at least 48 hours in advance.

1.2. For private lessons canceled or rescheduled without a minimum of 48 hours' notice, the tuition fee will be deducted.

2. Emergency Situations and Health Issues:

2.1. In cases of emergency situations or health issues, students may provide relevant documentation to the studio and request the cancellation or rescheduling of a private lesson. The studio will handle such cases on a case-by-case basis.

3. Make-Up Lessons and Refunds:

3.1. If a student needs to cancel a private lesson, the studio will provide one of the following options:

  • Schedule a make-up lesson to replace the canceled private lesson.

4. Notification and Contact

4.1. Students should notify the studio of cancellations or rescheduling of private lessons in advance using the contact method specified by the studio.

5. Policy Revisions:

5.1. The studio reserves the right to review and modify the private lesson policy as needed based on operational requirements and experience.

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