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A native of China, Hongquan is a dance performer, coach and Boston Global Dance Education Counseling founder. It all started out when her mom put her in the ballroom dance classes at a dance center when she was a five-year-old. Hongquan is obsessed with dance for many reasons, one of primary reason is that dancing boosts confidence. When she walks into the dance studio everything negative in her day disappears, she feels free and can truly express herself when dancing. 

Hongquan studied Ballroom and Latin dance forms for more than 10 years and, received over 20 awards in dance competitions during the period of 2004-2012. In 2013, she followed her father to the United States. She continued her dance training with International Ballroom and Latin in the United States. Hongquan graduated from Salem State University, with a Dance major and Management minor. During college years she has learned contemporary and hip-hop dance. In 2017, Hongquan was a member of New England American College Dance Association artist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) Ballroom dance team, Repertory Dance Theatre and Salem State Ensemble for three years. In 2019, Hongquan became Dance Instructor of the Dance Republic in Boston US. She is teaching all Five style of dancing, International Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth, Rhythm and Social dance(Salsa/Bachata).


In 2020, Hongquan was the founder of BGDEC internationally recognized dance company and created Bailemos dance studio.  The studio currently has over 200 students and has produced numerous outstanding dance competitors. In 2023, BGDEC initiated the "The Junior Diplomat" cultural exchange program between the US and China, being the exclusive US partner with authorized collaboration.

In 2024, Hongquan expanded her dance studio by adding a new main studio in Quincy, in addition to the existing campuses in Newton,bringing the total number of Located to two.



BAILEMOS has established a dance community platform to achieve better development and dissemination of dance knowledge, and is an internationally recognized dance studio under the BOSTON Global Dance Education LLC.

We have created a dance community for dancers from all over the world to connect with the annual international dance festival, and dance programs in schools to get in touch with the world's art learning window. Thus formed the conceptual style of Bailemos dance education.




Bailemos seeks to create and promote a new future type of dance education. 
Educate anyone and everyone who wishes to learn dancing with full honesty and support without giving up on anyone. 

Offer the best learning environment for kids.Develop greater independence, self-control, creativity, dance Language and Cognitive Milestones.

Bailemos is aimed at preschoolers and youth, from beginners to professionals. We offer classes in ballroom, Latin Dance, Ballet and more. We are Asian-educated and are fully aware that what we need is the flow of multi culture to make us unique from other dance companies.


We created a dance community that allows worldwide dancers to have equal opportunities and have access to great dance information, no matter where they are to link the world art learning windows forming Bailemos' dance education concept styles.

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