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​Latin Dance

Course Offerings:

  • Rumba: Experience the romantic and smooth movements of this dance, expressing deep emotions with every step.

  • Cha-Cha: Fast-paced and vibrant, this dance will make you shine on the dance floor.

  • Samba: Feel the fiery rhythms of Brazilian Carnival, with energetic and expressive movements.

  • Jive: Enjoy the upbeat and lively steps that capture the unique charm of Western swing.

  • Paso Doble: A dance filled with strength and passion, reflecting elegance and confidence.

Additionally, we offer a special Ladies Styling course, designed specifically for women. Over ten sessions, you will learn a complete routine. From basic steps to detailed techniques, our instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you look your best on the dance floor.


Wedding Dance 

Swing. Samba. Waltz. Tango. Rumba. So many possibilities for that brief, magical moment. What dance? What music? Where to begin? Relax, we’re with you every step of the way. We can help you find “your song,” and choreograph a dance that’s uniquely yours.

From the groom’s dance with mom to dad’s dance with the bride – give us your bridal party and we’ll create customized group lessons that instill confidence in everyone, making them shine in the spotlight!

You’ve carefully chosen your band, caterer, and venue. Shouldn’t you give the same attention to your wedding dance? Start with a complimentary lesson. Bring your wedding song if you have one, or ask us for suggestions. We’ll listen. You’ll meet our instructors and tour our studio—no pressure, no contracts—just support and guidance as you prepare for your big day.

You don’t need to be an experienced dancer to express your love on the dance floor.  Would you like something choreographed? Need a “guerrilla” dance session? Does your wedding party need practice? Sign-up now for a free introductory lesson or get started with a wedding lesson package.

Package of 6 lessons $900 ( $150/hr/ Lesson )
Package of 10 lessons $1400 ( $140/hr/ lesson)


​Ballroom Dance

Known for its elegance and sophistication, ballroom dance is the perfect way to showcase your skills and charm. We offer comprehensive courses from basic to advanced levels, helping you master each nuanced step and become the star of the dance floor.

Course Offerings:

  • Waltz: Graceful and smooth steps that embody romance and tenderness.

  • Tango: A dance full of passion and drama, with every move exuding intensity.

  • Foxtrot: A dance of elegance and confidence, with flowing steps that make you glide across the floor.

  • Quickstep: An energetic and lively dance that brings out pure joy and exuberance.

  • Viennese Waltz: The epitome of rotational beauty, blending classical and modern elegance.


​Ballet Dance

Adult ballet classes are designed specifically for adults, providing professional ballet training and dance experiences. Whether you are a beginner or have some dance background, adult ballet classes cater to your needs, helping you develop skills, improve flexibility, and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of dance.

Course Content:

  • Fundamental Techniques: Learn correct body posture, standing, and turning techniques to establish a strong ballet foundation.

  • Flexibility Training: Enhance body flexibility through stretching and dance posture exercises, improving dance performance.

  • Dance Combinations: Learn various ballet steps and combinations, cultivating graceful dance posture and fluid dance movements.

  • Performance Skills: Enhance performance ability and stage presence through stage performances and character portrayal.

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