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Tess O’Riordan

Ballet  Teacher

Tess O’Riordan is a born-and-raised Bostonian. Having grown up in an artistic hub, she has had the opportunity to explore dance from a variety of perspectives. Beginning recreationally, Tess went on to dance competitively for five years, resulting in numerous accolades and scholarships. During this time, she studied ballet, pointe, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. In high school, Tess began training with the Franklin School for the Performing Arts, taking a more classical approach. Here, Tess advanced to Level 6 in the American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum.


Currently, Tess is enrolled in the Boston Conservatory where she is pursuing a BFA in Contemporary Dance. Tess believes that dance is for everyone, always having loved its ability to unite our unique stories.

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