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Yulia Maeda 

Ballet Instructor

Yulia, hailing from outside Seattle, Washington, embarked on her dance journey as a competitive dancer, a path she pursued throughout her high school years. Her dedication to the art of dance led her to perform at prestigious venues such as the MGM Music Hall in Fenway and the Arena in Los Angeles, showcasing her remarkable talent and stage presence.

Passionate about sharing her expertise, Yulia has always been drawn to teaching. She firmly believes that the pursuit of knowledge in dance is an endless journey. Her enthusiasm for imparting her wisdom and skills has made her a respected dance educator, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talented dancers.

Yulia's remarkable achievements include being the inaugural recipient of the "Career Jam: Choreography Award" from Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, as well as earning the prestigious "Senior Unlimited Tuition Scholarship" from REVEL and the esteemed "Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship" from Hollywood Vibe. Her accomplishments shine not only in her performances but also in her commitment to dance education.

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