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Class Schedule

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2hrs class // meets 1x per week//1 session 10 combo classes //total 30 classes whole year

Designed especially for children aged 5yrs and Above! 

Acro dance classes will improve confidence and coordination, and also build core strength for all those that participate. Upper and lower-body strength is needed in Acro, the acrobatic elements and aerial stunts that are common in routines require performers to have the muscle strength to support themselves, as well as partners sometimes. Acro dance lessons will help student strengthen their muscles, often without them even realising it.
Dance types like ballet and acro require great flexibility and balance to carry out the movements in routines. The more flexible your child is, the better range of motion they’ll have with their muscles.



1hr class // meets 1x per week//1 session 10 combo classes //total 30 classes whole year

Welcome to our Pre-Ballet Course, designed especially for children aged 4-6! 


This enchanting program introduces young dancers to the magical world of ballet. Through imaginative play and age-appropriate exercises, children will develop coordination, balance, and grace while fostering creativity and self-expression. Our caring instructors create a nurturing environment where children can explore movement and music while building a strong foundation in ballet technique. Whether your child dreams of becoming a dancer or simply wants to enjoy the joy of dance, this course is the perfect starting point. Join us and watch your child's love for dance blossom!



1hr class // meets 1x per week//1 session 10 combo classes //total 30 classes whole year

This class emphasizes the importance of good posture, poise, strength, and agility. Using both barre exercises as well as center work, Students will learn ballet terminology and be able to remember and perform short dance sequences independently.  

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beginner latin

2hr class // meets 1x per week//1 session 10 combo classes (Each class consists of 2 lessons)//total 2 levels whole year

This exciting program is tailored for newcomers to the world of International Latin dances, including Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, and Paso Doble. Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics, helping you develop essential footwork, posture, and rhythm. You'll learn to express yourself through these passionate and energetic dances, gaining confidence on the dance floor. Whether you're aiming to improve your fitness, socialize, or explore the world of competitive dance, this course is your gateway to a thrilling journey. Join us and step into the vibrant world of International Latin Dance!

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latin mini group

4-7 Person Customized Mini Group Classes

Mini group Classes will do 2hrs Class per week

Mini Group Class advantages: 

   -Small class size: Limited to 4-7 students to ensure individual attention and personalized feedback from the instructor.

   -Tailored instruction: The instructor will cater to the specific needs and goals of each student, offering personalized guidance and support.

  -Individualized feedback: Students will receive regular feedback on their technique, progress, and areas for improvement.


  Note: The Mini Group class aims to provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for students to learn and grow alongside their friends. The curriculum will be adapted to suit the skill levels and needs of the students in the class, ensuring that each student receives the attention and guidance necessary for their progress.

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