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 Studio Assistant 

Jasmine has been immersed in an artistic atmosphere from a young age. She began learning the violin at the age of five, developing a strong interest in music and performing arts.

In 2016, Jasmine join the Chinese girl group Idolschool as a third-generation member. She then received systematic training as a trainee. Jasmine made her debut at the Beijing theater, participated in the Idolschool 2017 New Year’s Eve concert, and collaborated with Red Nose Day for a charity concert.

On January 2, 2017, as a member of Idolschool Class Bridge, Jasmine performed in the premiere of "Bridge and Light." She continued to perform in weekly theater shows, accumulating over 50 performances.

She was invited to participate in the JCIS Sino-Japanese Idol Carnival Concert, the @JAM in Shanghai performance, and the 2017 ChinaJoy Carnival stage performance. In 2018, she shared the stage with top domestic stars at the Hainan Airlines New Year’s Eve concert.

 In 2021, she went to South Korea for further studies, delving into K-pop. In 2023, she returned to Boston, joined the Harvard a cappella group, and performed at the 2024 Ivy League Spring Festival Gala, as well as holding a solo concert.

With her extensive stage experience and passion for dance, Jasmine is now a dance instructor at Bailemos Dance Studio. She is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of dancers, helping them discover their potential and shine on stage.

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