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(Ballet & Jazz Teacher)Brittany Perkoski

With an illustrious career spanning more than two decades, Miss B
has profoundly influenced the lives of countless students through
the captivating world of dance. As an accomplished and dedicated
dance professional, her expansive repertoire encompasses roles as a director,
choreographer, and instructor across a spectrum of genres, including ballet, jazz,
and contemporary.
When she was just five years old, Miss B’s journey began at the pre-professional
children’s school, Franklin School for the Performing Arts, in a suburb of Boston,
igniting her lifelong passion for dance. Her quest for excellence then led her to other
renowned institutions such as Boston Dance Company and the iconic Broadway
Dance Center in vibrant New York City. This further commenced as a dance major
and distinguished scholarship recipient at Dean College, forging a strong and
multifaceted foundation within the industry.
Miss B's impressive repertoire includes the choreography of award-winning
competitive dance pieces, the orchestration of master-level dance classes spanning
the landscapes of Massachusetts and Western New York, and the distinction of
choreographing/directing several seasons of the beloved Christmas ballet classic,
"The Nutcracker."
Specializing in a holistic-based method of instruction centered on developing the
“whole” dancer, Miss B focuses on technical excellence while motivating her
students to reach their full potential. Throughout her career, she has graced the
faculties of numerous respected dance schools, leaving an indelible mark on the
hearts and minds of aspiring dancers. Fueled by a passion for creating a positive
learning environment that ignites students' creativity, captures their unwavering
attention, and leaves them eagerly anticipating the next step in their dance journey,
Miss B is a true luminary in the world of dance education.

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